“Snell’s On the Move” was founded by my Wife and I (Jim and Alice Snellenberger). Some people refer to us as Mr. and Mrs. Snell but others call us “The Snell’s”. This comes from a former career as Professional Educators for a combined 63 years of experience. After elongated careers as educators, we are evolving from helping students to helping families. We live in a society that is always on the move and tend to have little patience when it comes to purchasing that new car to the RV. Thus, that is where “Snell’s on the Move” not only helps you obtain your vehicle but keeps more money into your family’s pocket. We move so that you do not have to, you have enough to worry about!

In our travels, we continually hear people talking about the purchase of some type of vehicle. It might be a car, truck, motorhome, some type of recreational vehicle, or possibly some sort of water vehicle. In the end they are very proud of what they own but feel that overall they paid way too much for what they purchased. Many people wonder what they could have done differently to have gotten a better result on the final price of their purchase. This is where they should have used one of our consumer friendly, and affordable “Snell’s On the Move” Negotiators’.

Alice and I know that in these economic times that we are living in every dollar saved is important. It is our Mission to help all Consumers when purchasing any type of vehicle. The consumer can count on our company in any purchase of these types. It is “Snell’s On the Move” Pledge to stand between You and dealers of any vehicle market when you purchase a vehicle that rolls on land or moves on water. We strive to get the best deals to save your hard earned money. By using our Professional Negotiators we take the emotional pressure of such purchases away from Your mind. We keep your purchase from falling into the traps of the sales process. Do you know that every line of a Dealers Purchase Agreement is negotiable? Consumers don’t understand what to look for or what to negotiate when they are looking at such agreement.

We will negotiate the deal that is good for You. Instead of letting the dealer design a deal that is good for them. With this type of negotiating process the deal is completed when you have exactly what you want at the best price you want.

Our company “Snell’s On the Move” negotiates a better deal for all Consumers. We are the Smart and Affordable way to purchase all vehicles throughout a vast array of industries. We want you to be money ahead! You have better things to do with the money that we save for You!