Q: When purchasing any vehicle what parts of a dealership contract are negotiable?

A: All parts of any contract are negotiable.

Q: May A dealership refuse to honor your signed vehicle loan agreement after letting you to take the vehicle home?

A: A dealership may refuse to honor you’re signed vehicle loan. This is called a Yo-Yo deal or spot delivery.

Q: Is it easier to get the best loan rate by financing through the car dealership rather than through your own bank?

A: It is normally better to talk to your own bank or other financial loan institutions. Dealers use an interest rate markup called “dealer reserve or dealer participation”. This is their self- proclaimed compensation for time spent putting a financial deal together. The CRL report found dealerships finance managers are billing consumers $952 to $1,587 per hour to finance a vehicle.

Q: Do you need to add extra items such as warranties, gap insurance, rustproofing, VIN etching insurance, and Lo Jack , that you should add to your auto loan?

A: The dealer suggestion to protect your investment for a low monthly price by adding these on to your car loan is called “Loan Packing”. This happens at the end of the financing process with the financing and insurance, or F & I, manager.

Q: Are the Invoice price, sticker price, and MSRP names for the base price of the vehicle?

A: The dealer can go below the sticker price, or MSRP, so you think you’re getting a great deal, but you are still paying way above the invoice price.

Q: Do you need to tell the vehicle sales person or the finance person what you want your monthly payment to be?

A: No – because it’s not the most important factor in determining the vehicle deal. You just need to know what the vehicles total cost will be.

Q: Should a consumer trade their vehicle at the dealerships from which they want to buy the new vehicle?

A: No, because the value (or worth) of the consumer’s vehicle will be reduced during the four box process.

Q: Why should consumers use “Snell’s on the Move”?

A: After we know what you want to buy (including all details) we take you out of the formula. This creates a huge imbalance to the normal dealerships approach. We take the emotion and pressure off of all consumers. We will save you your hard earned money.